zimmerman t-shirt wanted dead or alive

Unrest continued for the third night in Los Angeles as protesters against the Zimmerman verdict stormed a Wal-Mart, attacked bystanders and stomped on cars.

One of the questions to emerge out of last night’s unrest in Oakland, where crowds protesting the George Zimmerman verdict turned violent and seized control of a major street for three hours, is why police withdrew from the area and allowed drivers to be terrorized.

If we can believe the latest poll issued by the Pew Research Center, most Americans believe the Fourth Amendment and the Bill of Rights should not get in the way of government surveillance and tracking down terrorists.

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WTXL) A Lowndes County man has been arrested after reportedly attacking his mother. According to a report from Valdosta Police Department, Dexter Harding, 26, was arrested after attacking his 58-year-old mother, cutting her on her neck and attacking her again with a stun gun.

Propex will shutter its 1 million-square-foot Nashville, Ga., plant over the next six months, transferring operations to the company’s existing Hazlehurst, Ga., facililty, the company announced today.

By David Beasley, Reuters

ATLANTA — Confusion, anger and charges of racism played out at the Fulton County jail yesterday as the players on both sides of the nation’s largest school-cheating scandal began the arduous process of jailing 35 educators. 

LAKELAND — Though Lanier County Sheriff Nick Norton has drafted a proposal to outsource the Lakeland City Police Department to the Lanier County Sheriff’s Office, Mayor Bill Darsey

Water is incredibly important to the human body. The average adult human body is 55-60% water. A baby’s body is closer to 75%. Two crucial organs in the body, the brain and the lungs, are 70% and 90% water, respectively.

ADEL - February 7, 2013: Adel police are on the lookout for two men who robbed a bank at gunpoint Thursday, stole a bank customer’s vehicle and escaped, according to author


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